Rick Pitino poses with an 80-pound marlin he caught in the Bahamas

If anyone thought Rick Pitino's run of good fortune ended with his horse's underwhelming performance in the Kentucky Derby last weekend, a photo that surfaced Wednesday night on Twitter proved otherwise.

Yes, that's Pitino on a boat in the Bahamas with an 80-pound marlin he just caught.

Pitino told SI.com last week one of his friends was taking him to a resort at Baker's Bay, a three-mile stretch of coastline on the island of Great Guana Cay in the Northeastern Bahamas. Marlin fishing was something Pitino said he had never done before, not that it kept him from becoming an instant success.

Of course, the beginner's luck fits with the past few weeks Pitino has enjoyed.

During one magical week in April, Pitino won his second national championship, got inducted into the Naismith hall of fame, landed a horse in the Kentucky Derby and saw his son Richard become the Big Ten's youngest head coach when Minnesota hired him.

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