Report: Missouri coach Frank Haith facing notice of allegations in Miami-Shapiro case

Kyle Ringo
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Missouri coach Frank Haith will face a notice of allegations from the NCAA for alleged violations committed during his time as head coach at Miami, according to a report citing unnamed sources.

The report said Haith is expected to be charged with unethical conduct and failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance during his tenure with the Hurricanes. Alleged violations committed in the Miami football and basketball programs by numerous staffers and former booster Nevin Shapiro were first reported by Yahoo! Sports two years ago. The NCAA has been investigating those allegations since and the football program already has served voluntary penalties in anticipation of the NCAA's findings.

The report said the NCAA was unable to prove the most serious allegation that Haith and his former staff approved a $10,000 payment by Shapiro to an associate for former recruit DeQuan Jones. However, the report said the NCAA still planned to charge Haith with unethical conduct because it didn't believe his explanation that money from basketball camps did not end up being used to repay Shapiro. said a source confirmed the money was delivered to Shapiro's mother, who verified receiving it to the NCAA.

The report said Haith will be charged with failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance because of contact between Shapiro and recruits and also because of impermissible airline travel provided by one of Haith's staffers to family members of two recruits.

Haith, who coached at Miami for seven seasons (2004-11), will have the opportunity to defend himself in front of the Committee on Infractions before any disciplinary action is taken. The committee would likely hear from Haith this summer and issue its ruling no sooner than four months later.

Haith recently said he has been looking forward to the NCAA releasing its findings so he can have the opportunity to respond to any charges against him.

Haith could face a show cause penalty if the committee rules against him. Show cause penalties are generally issued to prevent coaches from being hired at other schools. Some coaches who have received them have never coached in the college ranks again.

Schools can hire coaches with show cause penalties but they have to make a case for doing so to the NCAA or face penalties.

Haith, who was named National Coach of the Year last season, has had the possibility of NCAA sanctions hanging over his head nearly from the start of his tenure at Missouri. It's unclear how Missouri would respond to any punishment handed down to him by the NCAA. Most coaches contracts have clauses allowing schools to get out of any financial commitments if coaches commit major NCAA rules violations.

Three former Miami assistants under Haith are also expected to be charged with unethical conduct, according to the report. Those assistants are Jake Morton, Jorge Fernandez and Michael Schwartz. Morton and Schwartz are current members of the Western Kentucky and Fresno State staffs respectively.

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