Renardo Sidney’s saga gets more depressing as draft night approaches

As numerous draft hopefuls preen for TV cameras at the Prudential Center in Newark or attend parties thrown in their honor, one of the most talented but troubled members of this draft class will be sitting at home with his mom.

Former Mississippi State center Renardo Sidney has parted ways with two agents since announcing his intent to enter the NBA draft two months ago. He has no representation and no idea whether a general manager will spend a second-round pick on him in hopes that his team's staff can tap into Sidney's potential the way Mississippi State could not.

"This whole NBA process is really tough and with me dropping two agents, it really doesn't look good for me right now," Sidney told the Jackson Clarion-Ledger this week. "Like you said, it sounds like I'm lost. I can admit that I'm lost. I'm just trying to find my way back and see on Thursday what happens."

Questions about Sidney's weight, work ethic and attitude have dogged the talented center since long before he arrived at Mississippi State, but there was always a glimmer of hope someone would spark a change in the former No. 1 prospect in his class. That possibility is looking more and more remote, however, the way Sidney has behaved leading up to what should be the biggest day of his basketball career.

At the New Jersey combine in May, Sidney weighed 304 pounds with 22.4 percent body fat, by far the highest of any participant according to He did not finish a workout at the combine as a result of what he called an asthma attack.

Agent Johnny Foster told earlier this month that he parted ways with Sidney because he did not feel the 6-foot-10 big man was putting in sufficient effort. Foster said Sidney didn't finish some team workouts, canceled others and wasn't sticking to his diet and exercise plan the way he needed to. 

Most mock drafts have Sidney going undrafted, staggering considering the can't-miss label he carried early in his high school career yet perfectly reasonable based on the way his career has spiraled ever since.

On the eve of the 2010 draft, Sidney sent a not-so-subtle message suggesting he expected to be in the NBA the following year, tweeting "Shouts out to all my boys getting drafted tonight do yall thang!!! Be there soon ;)"

Two years later, here's the sad truth: Sidney isn't any closer to making that vow come true. If anything, it's an even more distant long shot.

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