Remember those time-outs, Michigan, with this fan’s helpful sign

Twenty years ago almost to the day, Michigan stood on the edge of championship glory, its Fab Five with a realistic chance of knocking off Dean Smith's mighty University of North Carolina in the 1993 NCAA championship game. But Chris Webber, Michigan's all-everything forward, called a time-out that Michigan didn't have, and the resulting technical foul obliterated whatever chance the Wolverines might have had at a championship. Here's a video refresher:

It's been two decades since that night, 20 long years, and Michigan fans want to make sure that no similar problems crop up in 2013. Enter this fan above with his handy sign helping the Wolverines remember exactly how many timeouts they have remaining. On Saturday night, they used all of them; on Monday night, they'll need to keep count for another chance at that elusive championship. Help 'em out, kid.

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