Rapper J. Cole disses Kentucky's John Calipari in new song

It's well-known that John Calipari has developed a friendship with up-and-coming rapper Drake, but the Kentucky coach doesn't seem to command the same respect with another emerging artist.

In the third verse of his recently released single "Higher," rapper J. Cole references Calipari in a way that should make him an instant favorite among Louisville fans. Here's a clip from the song in which J. Cole raps about an unfaithful boyfriend "in Memphis cheatin' like Calipari." (Warning: some of the lyrics are not safe for work)

A quick Google search doesn't turn up anything relevant pertaining to J. Cole and Kentucky basketball, but his background provides some clues. He grew up in North Carolina and graduated from St. John's, so chances are he's grown up around college hoops.

Kentucky fans probably won't appreciate the unflattering reference, but it's probably safe to say that Calipari won't be unnerved. Not only has he heard far worse insults before, he also might be able to spin it into a recruiting tool.

Not too many Roy Williams or Mike Krzyzewski references in hip-hop today, are there?

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