Rajon Rondo picking Louisville to win it all is more salt in Kentucky wounds

Kyle Ringo
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Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo fills out NCAA tournament brackets like millions of his fellow hoops loving Americans, but he might regret making his bracket public.

Rondo played two years at Kentucky but that didn't prevent him from picking rival Louisville from winning it all this year.

Now before you Wildcats' fans accuse Rondo of disloyalty, remember that Rondo grew up in Louisville. Can't really blame a guy for rooting for his hometown team when it has nothing to do with playing Kentucky. Plus, you know he had Kentucky winning in his NIT bracket, right?

In fact, Rondo appears to be very loyal to his UK roots. He has Minnesota and coach Tubby Smith, former coach at Kentucky, knocking off UCLA in the Round of 64.

Rondo has Louisville beating Ohio State in the semifinals and Miami beating Georgetown. He then takes Louisiville to beat the Hurricanes in the final.

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Rondo picking the Cardinals is just an added dash of salt in Kentucky wounds right now. Not only did the Wildcats bow out quickly from the NIT in a loss to Robert Morris, but UK fans are having to stomach the idea that Louisville and former Kentucky coach Rick Pitino will be playing their first two games in the tournament at Rupp Arena in Lexington.

These are tough times at Kentucky and so soon after sitting on top of the college basketball world a year ago at this time. You'll be back Wildcats.

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