Quickish reaction to Butler-Pittsburgh thriller

Dan Shanoff

Quickish is a new quick-hit, real-time service that tracks the best analysis of the biggest stories in sports. From Quickish's editors, here is a selection of the best proclamations and exclamations, via Twitter, from Saturday's thrilling Butler-Pitt ending:

Think we've been here before. Drama and Butler.
ESPN's Dana O'Neil

I can't remember a crazier end of game foul call. Good Lord. This is insane.
Clay Travis

ok, this is the dumbest ending to a basketball game ever.
Basketball Prospectus's Ken Pomeroy

SI's Will Carroll

I'll see your stupid foul, and I'll raise you.
ESPN's Jay Bilas

This is the most preposterous ending to a basketball game I've seen in 30 years of watching basketball.
Fangraphs' Jonah Keri

ESPN's Howard Bryant

this is ohmygodohmygod
Harvard Sports Analysis Collective's John Ezekowitz

Wheeeee! Basketball PK finish in Butler/Pitt.
SBNation's Spencer Hall

A great game ruined
The Daily's Dan Wolken

OK, never mind. Now I've seen the dumbest foul in the history of basketball. Unreal. #butler-pitt
FoxSports' Jason Whitlock

Chris Webber's probably feeling a little better about himself right now.
NYT's Nate Silver

Everyone saying Mack's was the dumbest foul ever must feel real stupid right about now.
Deadspin's Barry Petchesky

How many dumb fouls can there be in 1.4 seconds? Unbelievable.
Basketball Prospectus' John Gasaway

Just witnessed the two worst fouls in college basketball history.
ESPN's Pat Forde

My goodness. Stunned crowd here in DC
SI's Tim Layden

This is the craziest final seven seconds I've ever seen. Just amazing.
Clay Travis

That truly defies belief. And yeah, both calls were correct.
ESPN's Pat Forde

#Supermoon over #Pitt
NYT's Don Van Natta

My brain can't even comprehend what I just watched in that Butler-Pitt game.
SI's Jimmy Traina

Never. In. My. Life. Have I seen a game end like that.
PTI's Tony Reali

So, if this had to happen to any school, it was going to be Pittsburgh, right?
Deadspin's Barry Petchesky

Brad Stevens: I have no f#$@ing clue what just happened, but I'll take it.
Ball Don't Lie's Eric Freeman

Shelvin Mack looks like a guy who just got pulled off a cliff where he was hanging by his fingernails.
ESPN's Pat Forde

Sports: Still awesome.
Jonah Keri

Sorry, but there's a difference between Mack riding a plausible final shot out of bounds and a loose ball foul 90 feet from the rim. Brutal.
ESPN's Eamonn Brennan

Also, Stevens' "I feel bad for Pitt, would have felt bad for us" explanation is perfect and still so unsatisfying.
SBNation's Andy Hutchins

I still think it was a good foul by the Pittsburgh guy - the Butler guy had a clean look at an 85-footer.
ESPN's Bill Simmons

There goes Obama's chalky bracket. #NeverPickPitt
NYT's Don Van Natta

Everyone bitching about Pitt screwing their bracket: no one f#$@ing cares about your bracket. That was an amazing game.
Deadspin's Barry Petchesky

Setting aside the merits, just not how the story of that game should end.
SI's Joe Sheehan

Both of those were fouls. Takes balls to blow the whistle late in a game like that. Props to that crew.
With Leather's Josh Zerkle

Butler. Pittsburgh. Fouls. Chaos. Bizarre. Matt Howard. Wow. That really happen?
ESPN's Dave Telep

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