Quickish NCAA tournament Day 4 recap: VCU shows it belongs

Dan Shanoff
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Quickish is a new quick-hit, real-time service that tracks the best analysis of the biggest stories in sports. From Quickish's editors, here is a selection of the best proclamations and exclamations during and after Sunday's NCAA tournament action:

Let's start with the feel-good story of the day: No. 11-seed VCU throttling No. 3-seed Purdue to advance to the Sweet 16:

*I'd like to reiterate the media's point from exactly one week ago: VCU does NOT belong in the Field of 68. (They belong in the Sweet 16.)
SportsPickle's DJ Gallo

*VCU just dismantled three BCS teams en route to the Sweet 16. These were tape measure home run victories. No doubt about it.
ESPN's Dave Telep

*Then the Rams... went into a new gear offensively against Purdue, shredding the Boilermakers' top-10 D to the tune of 1.48 PPP. It was the most PPP Purdue had given up all season by a wide, wide margin If the numbers confuse you, we'll put it in layman's terms: VCU's offense was an absolute joy to watch.
SI's Luke Winn

*This is a different team than the one that skidded into the CAA tournament, then reached the final and waited nervously to see if it had done enough to get a bid. The Rams are loose, confident, fearless, playing lights out and ultra-motivated by TV critics who said they weren't worthy of an at-large selection.
Richmond Times-Dispatch's Tim Pearrell

*VCU has a plucky point guard... They have a bevy of scoring options... [and] when the Rams get an opponent down, they have the swagger to step on their throats.
Yahoo! Sports' Gerry Ahern {YSP:MORE}

*Dear NCAA Selection Committee: We're sorry. We're sorry for busting your you-know-whats about inviting VCU to the Big Dance. Not only do the Rams belong, but if they keep kneecapping higher seeds in this NCAA tournament... they could win this whole thing.
ESPN.com's Gene Wojciechowski

The front page of the Richmond Times-Dispatch

A quick selection of some of the best from the rest of the day, from morning til night:

Washington's sputtering finish
OK, officials did not decide this game. At all. Huskies had chances, plural, and they didn't convert.
(Seattle Times' Danny O'Neil)

Michigan's moral victory
That wasn't a win, it was an escape. Wolverines fought brilliantly. Future is very bright in Ann Arbor.
(SI's Seth Davis)

Ohio State throttles George Mason
For all the talk of how wide open this season was, I think we view it differently if Ohio State wins title. Shades of 2009 UNC.
(Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Eisenberg)

Even Gus couldn't help the Patriots
Sticking Gus Johnson with a 26-point blowout is like having Brooklyn Decker model parkas.
(SI's Joe Sheehan)

Texas: 1...2...3...4...Say what?
The time from when the ball entered the hands and the T signal was made was 123 frames, or a bit more than 4 seconds. Texas got screwed.
(Mocksession's Tim Burke.)

But the REAL story of that Texas ending...
No, really, it was inexplicable. It was as bad a timeout as I can ever remember in a college basketball game.
(SI's Joe Posnanski)

He would know
Congrats to Marquette, they deserved to win this one, should have picked both my Wisconsin teams to make deep runs
(Aaron Rodgers)

Kansas: Deja vu
When Kansas last won the national championship, the Jayhawks beat a 16, 9, 12 and 10 to get to the Final Four.
(Yahoo! Sports' Chris Chase)

College Hoops as Mobius Strip
So within the last month, Purdue beat Ohio State by 13, Ohio State beat Mason by 32, Mason beat VCU by 20, and VCU beat Purdue by 18.
(Washington Post's Dan Steinberg)

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