Proof that Gus Johnson enjoys King Cobra malt liquor

Gus Johnson provided his usual assortment of "rise and fires," "bams" and other familiar catchphrases during Saturday's Butler-Kansas State game, but there was one delightful new expression that needs to become a permanent part of his repertoire.

When Butler's Gordon Hayward made an athletic move to score a lay-up and draw a foul the possession after Kansas State took its first lead of the second half, Gus punctuated his call by shouting, "Don't let the smooth taste fool ya!"

For those who aren't aficionados of 40-ounce malt liquors with the flavor of tap water and an aftertaste like cat urine, "Don't let the smooth taste fool ya!" is a reference to a slogan for Anheuser-Busch's King Cobra. Thanks to an alert friend of mine for passing on the video proof above.

Is there another announcer besides Gus who could get away with referencing an obscure malt liquor jingle in his final call of the year? I'll be watching next season to see if he manages to work in the old Colt 45 slogan, "It works every time!"

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