Profane language earns South Carolina's Frank Martin a one-game suspension

If a woman weds a man who has gotten divorced four times because he cheated on his previous wives, whose fault is it if the latest marriage ends the same way?

Some of the responsibility would fall to the cheating husband, of course. But some of it also belongs to the wife who took a chance on him even though his previous infidelities were no secret.

That same analogy holds true for the one-game suspension South Carolina coach Frank Martin will serve on Saturday for what athletic director Ray Tanner has deemed "inappropriate verbal communication" with a player. TV cameras captured Martin direct a profane outburst at freshman point guard Duane Notice during a timeout with 10 minutes left in the Gamecocks' loss to top-ranked Florida on Tuesday night.

Martin's coarse language and demeanor toward his players can sometimes be over-the-top and difficult to watch, but it's not like this is a mysterious new issue. YouTube is littered with clips of Martin's temper boiling over when he coached at Kansas State. 

If South Carolina officials didn't want a coach who motivates his players by screaming at them and cussing them out, why on earth would they have hired Martin away from the Wildcats? And if Notice didn't want to play for an overbearing coach who believes in tough love, why on earth would he choose to play for Martin?

To be fair to Tanner, he ascended from South Carolina baseball coach to athletic director a few months after Martin was hired in spring 2012. Still, plenty of school officials involved in the hiring process remain on staff.

It would be great to see Martin motivate his players without cussing at them or publicly demeaning them, but South Carolina doesn't deserve a free pass if this continues to be a recurring problem.

The Gamecocks knew the pros and cons of Martin's coaching style yet they hired him anyway.

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