Presidents Clinton, Bush and several Cowboys take in championship game

The NCAA men's basketball championship got downright presidential Monday night.

Noted college basketball fan Bill Clinton and noted Texan George W. Bush watched as a crafty veteran UConn team held off a flustered freshman-led Kentucky, which reminds us of [insert whichever Clinton/Bush political metaphor makes you feel better right here]. They sat right next to Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys and creator of the monstrous dome in which the game was played.

Clinton and George H.W. Bush have appeared on many occasions together, both social and charitable, but Dubya and Bill haven't made significant public appearances outside of formal round-up-the-presidents occasions. Clearly, though, they can bond over knowledge of secrets that the rest of us can only imagine. (About how hard it is to be president, of course. Nothing more sinister than that. Really.)

And although the two were shown on the gargantuan big screen, at least it wasn't the Kiss Cam. That would've been awkward for all concerned:

Also in the mix: Cowboys Jason Witten and Tony Romo, right there in front of Jones and Clinton, and head coach Jason Garrett in the next row back. Cowboys fans, look at the bright side: at least Romo et. al. get to see a couple postseason wins in the Jerry Dome.

Best news: as best we can tell, not a single selfie was snapped. Your country thanks you for your service, sirs.

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