President Obama’s bracket: Indiana to win it all; OSU, Louisville, Florida in Final Four

Bracket Obama is back.

Continuing a tradition he's had since his first year in office, President Obama has filled out NCAA brackets for the men's and women's tournament. (If your boss gives you grief about taking company time to fill out your bracket, tell 'em you're following the example of your Commander in Chief.)

Anyway, Obama's Baracketology is sound: He picked two No. 1s, a No. 2 and a No. 3. He's got Louisville and Indiana meeting in the championship, a sound and reasonable matchup, and Florida and Ohio State rounding out the Final Four. On the women's side, he picked Baylor, Connecticut, Notre Dame and California, with the exact positioning to be revealed Friday.

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Obama's picks were largely — wait for it — conservative, with only a couple 10-over-7 and 11-over-6 upset picks. (Of note: Obama picked Indiana to win, even though the state flipped from his side in 2008 elections to the Republican column in 2012.)

The president's record as a prognosticator is, well, not exactly sterling: he correctly picked North Carolina to win in 2009, but went 0-for-8 in picking Final Four teams the next two years. Last year, he picked two Final Four teams correctly in Kentucky and Ohio State.

Here's the president's full bracket, for your copying and/or mocking purposes:

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