Police say Marshall Henderson was apparently in possession of marijuana, cocaine

On Wednesday, Ole Miss suspended Marshall Henderson indefinitely for an undisclosed violation of team rules. And now, in news that may or may not be connected, Oxford (Miss.) police indicated that during a May traffic stop, Henderson appeared to be in possession of small amounts of marijuana and cocaine.

Henderson was cited by police for failing to have proof of insurance. No other charges were filed, and Henderson was not arrested. The Wall Street Journal first reported the news of the traffic stop.

However, police also found small amounts of suspected controlled substances, but did not arrest Henderson because he was cooperative. Oxford police chief Joey East said it is not uncommon for police to decline an arrest in these situations.

According to the Wall Street Journal, police reports indicate Henderson was pulled over on May 4 because of possible speeding. The officer at the scene smelled marijuana, and Henderson handed over a bag containing "a small nugget of marijuana." A search by a police dog found a clear plastic bag containing ''a small amount of what appeared to be cocaine."

However, the suspected materials were not tested, and officers did not believe Henderson was under any influence of drugs or alcohol.

Regardless of the fact that Henderson avoided legal trouble in this incident, he remains in scalding water at Ole Miss. Henderson "must do a better job of living up to the high standard we expect from him and he desires from himself," head coach Andy Kennedy said in a statement.

And that job will extend to the social media space as well. Henderson went after Erin Andrews, of all people, on Twitter:

But Henderson still has his supporters, among them former Fresno State guard Chris Herren, who spoke to Henderson about the perils of addiction and fame. "Ultimately, he needs to get down to the reason why a substance is more important than yourself, your family and your future," Herren told USA Today. "Whether it's basketball, football, baseball or any sport at a high level, the price to pay is a lot of pressure. That's why he needs to incorporate some balance in his life and surround himself with people who have the same dream he does."

Henderson responded in kind, thanking Herren on Twitter. Clearly, Henderson will remain in the headlines for some time; the major question is whether those headlines will be for what happens on the court or off it.

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