Please, college basketball, enough with the gray jerseys

Amazingly enough, the 49 fouls, 55 free-throw attempts and dozens of ill-advised shots may not have been the ugliest aspects of Kansas State's 69-61 victory over Baylor.

Also worthy of consideration for that honor were the Wildcats' new jerseys.

Kansas State unveiled new dark gray uniforms with purple lettering and numbers when they took the floor at Bramlage Coliseum on Monday. And while Nike managed to spell all the players' last names correctly this time, a sampling of reaction via Twitter suggested most fans would prefer the Wildcats stick to their traditional purple and white.

"Sweat drenched gray is the only color that comes to mind for these K.St jerseys," one TV viewer wrote.

Echoed another Kansas State fan, "Kansas State's jerseys look like they're made of old sweat socks."

Kansas State is hardly the first team to make the mistake of eschewing its usual color scheme in favor of going gray.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Air Jordan brand, North Carolina honored its most famous son last February by unveiling silver uniforms with white trim in a blowout loss to Florida State. Valparaiso wore hideous gray jerseys with yellow trim earlier this season and Alabama also unveiled gray uniforms last March in its regular-season finale against rival Auburn. And Georgetown, Colorado and Ohio State are among the teams that regularly don gray.

It's unclear whether these Kansas State jerseys were a one-night promotion or something we'll see regularly, but the result of Monday night's game may mean we're subjected to these again. The Wildcats avoided falling to 1-5 in Big 12 play, shutting down LaceDarius Dunn and controlling the game from start to finish.

Concluded one Kansas State fan, "I can look past these gray jerseys if the cats can #winadamngame."

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