Perfect brackets? There aren’t many left after Day 1 of the NCAA Tournament

So Harvard torched your bracket on Thursday? You're not alone. There are almost no perfect brackets remaining after just one day of the NCAA Tournament.

Yahoo! Sports collected 3,329,638 bracket entries this year. And of that total, guess how many perfect brackets there were?


Yep, 374 out of 3.3 million. That's a percentage of 0.012.

Harvard was the big kicker, of course. Only 141,353, or 4.5 percent, of all brackets picked Harvard, and as you can see, most of those had incorrect picks elsewhere. Some more stats:

• Through the first eight games, only 173,203 brackets remained perfect. So, yeah, most of us were out before dinnertime.

• In 2012, there were no brackets that hit 16 of 16 on Day 1, and only two that hit 30 of the first 32 games. (You'll recall that 2012 was the year two #2 seeds, Duke and Missouri, bowed out in the initial round.)

• 2011 featured three brackets with 31 of 32 right; 2010 had just one with a single miss; and 2009 was kind to the seeds, with 11 picking 31 of 32 correctly.

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So, yes, if your bracket is already busted, you've got plenty of company. As we noted here earlier this week, the odds of a perfect bracket are 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. So, yeah ... chances are you're never getting close to that.

UPDATE: And after the La Salle victory, we're down to ONE perfect bracket. ONE!

But if your bracket is already busted, fear not! There's a second-chance bracket section, which opens at the conclusion of Sunday night's games. You can create a new bracket right up until tipoff next Thursday by registering right here. Winner gets $5,000! Go! It's a new day for all of us!

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