Pac-10 website has as many problems as Pac-10 basketball

If last month's conference realignment madness didn't already prove that football is king in college athletics, one glance at the Pac-10's glitzy new website should remove all doubt.

The page devoted to Pac-10 football is pristine, eye-popping and error-free. The pages devoted to men's basketball and the rest of the Pac-10's sports are ridden with mistakes that would have a high school web designer cringing.

Readers who visited the Pac-10's website the past two days found a countdown clock on the homepage building anticipation for a relaunch at 5 p.m. EST on Tuesday. Perhaps conference officials should have postponed that to correct some of the gaffes below:

If you look closely at the photo that corresponds with this USC press release, you'll notice it's of the late John Wooden and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sitting behind the bench at a UCLA game. USC fans have long accused Wooden of recruiting violations during his dynasty, but even they probably don't think he had much to do with the cash and gifts O.J. Mayo received.

Curiously, Wooden and ex-UCLA star Kevin Love seem to be the feature photo for this story on Abdul Gaddy leading the U.S. U-19 team to a victory last month. Pretty sure Wooden didn't coach that one and Love's probably a few years too old to be eligible.

Before you get the idea that the conference is anti-Wooden, here's the Pac-10's story on the Knicks selecting Landry Fields in the second round. Kudos for getting the school to correspond with the photo this time, but how did a shot of Mark Madsen's game-winning dunk against Rhode Island in the 1998 Elite Eight pop into the queue?

You could argue that this shot of UCLA's Mustafa Abdul-Hamid is a perfectly acceptable shot to run with a review of last year's Pac-10 basketball season. Of course, you could also argue that there might have been a better choice than a photo of a walk-on guard from a 14-18 team that finished tied for fifth in the league.

Just so you know that all the problems weren't limited to the men's basketball page, check out the photo that ran with the press release announcing a discount for Arizona State women's basketball tickets next season. Yes, that's a team from the state of Arizona. No, that's not the Sun Devils.

There are plenty of other blunders to choose from on the pages of the other sports, but there's no sense in piling on.

Again what's telling here is that someone obviously quality-checked the homepage and the football page but didn't bother to look at the other sports. That's either an amazing coincidence, or the latest reminder of the pecking order in college athletics.

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