Oregon basketball's latest new look is a throwback to 1939

Oregon's football program has more of a reputation for outlandish uniforms than its basketball program does, but the Ducks hoopsters have donned some doozies over the years too.

There were the black jerseys with glossy black lettering in 2008. There were the white ones with only numerals on the front and no lettering whatsoever in 2009. And there were all sorts of lemon-yellow jerseys bright enough to blind TV viewers.

Well, based on the picture to the right, Oregon's latest new look is a little simpler and cleaner than some of its previous ones. The Ducks will be wearing throwback jerseys resembling their 1939 national championship team on Saturday when they host Division II Willamette University.

Aside from the prominently displayed Nike swoosh on the right shoulder, the throwbacks are actually pretty accurate replicas of the originals. They have the same green-and-white color scheme, the same lettering and the same design as the 1939 versions.

Oregon has yet to release a photo of the shorts players will be wearing Saturday, but it's probably a safe bet they'll be a little longer and baggier than the ones the Tall Firs wore back in the day.

Very few teams have paired throwback jersey tops with old-school short shorts, and as the 2007-08 Lakers can attest, those who have typically regretted it.

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