Only nine people correctly picked the Final Four teams in Yahoo!’s Tourney Pick’Em

Q: What do you get when the 2013 Final Four features one No. 1 seed in Louisville, a pair of No. 4s in Syracuse and Michigan and an upset-minded No. 9 in Wichita State?

A: A trail of bracket carnage that has resulted in just nine people correctly picking all four teams for Yahoo! Sports' Tourney Pick'Em Contest. Yes, that's from from an original entrant pool that totaled well over three million optimistic folks just over two weeks ago.

Of those nine entries, here's the breakdown by selected champion (sorry, Wichita State):
Louisville1, 2,3,4
Michigan1, 2, 3

And here are some other pertinent stats. How many Final Four teams did you pick correctly?
· Only 10,574 (0.3%) brackets have 3 of 4 Final Four teams correct
· 277,900 (8.9%) brackets have 2 of 4 Final Four teams correct
· 1,807,344 (58.0%) brackets have 1 of 4 Final Four teams correct
· 1,018,795 (32.7%) brackets have 0 of 4 Final Four teams correct

· 71,854 (2.3%) brackets can still potentially have both of their championship game teams win
· 966,063 (31.0%) brackets remain “un-busted” (their champion pick is still alive)

Pick distribution of champion teams (among all brackets):
• Louisville 28.5%
• Michigan 1.9%
• Syracuse 1.1%
• Wichita State 0.017%

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