Only Marshall Henderson could attempt eight jump shots in less than two minutes

In Ole Miss' previous game three days earlier, Marshall Henderson squandered a chance for the Rebels to beat Kansas State on their final possession with a wild fall-away 3-pointer that failed to draw iron.

If you thought that miss would make Henderson bashful in the final minutes against 13th-ranked Oregon on Sunday evening, you haven't been paying attention to Ole Miss' star guard.

The always brash, never timid Henderson lived up to his reputation as the nation's quintessential volume shooter, scoring a career-high 39 points in a 115-105 overtime loss to the Ducks but attempting nearly 39 percent of his team's shots to do it. Henderson finished 11 of 27 from the field, 10 of 23 from behind the arc and 7 of 10 from the foul line.

By far Henderson's most memorable stretch came in the final two minutes of regulation as Ole Miss tried to rally to force overtime. He attempted an incredible eight jump shots in the final 1:52 of regulation, shooting the Rebels out of the game and then right back into it. Below is a look at Henderson's eventful final two minutes:

Time: 1:52 left in regulation
Score: Oregon 79, Ole Miss 76
What happened: Less than two minutes remain in a close game, which means it's time for The Marshall coaster to begin revving up. After running off a series of screens, Henderson attempts a 3-pointer from the left wing as he's falling out of bounds. This one is way off target and sails well over the rim for an air ball.

Time: 1:10 left in regulation
Score: Oregon 82, Ole Miss 78
What happened: The land shark is still circling. With Ole Miss trailing by four after a Joseph Young 3-pointer, Henderson drives left from five feet beyond top of key, pulls up from 22 feet and fires a contested 3-pointer that again fails to draw iron.

Time: 1:06 left in regulation
Score: Oregon 82, Ole Miss 78
What happened: Most players might lose some confidence after back-to-back air balls. Not Henderson. His gift and his curse is his belief that every shot he takes is going in. Four seconds after his second air ball, Henderson receives an inbound pass, drives baseline and misses runner off the glass.

Time: 57.6 seconds left in regulation
Score: Oregon 82, Ole Miss 78
What happened: Since Henderson has badly missed three straight shots, surely the Rebels will call someone else's number here, right? Uh, wrong. Henderson drives from the right wing and pulls up for a fallaway jumper from 19 feet that barely grazes the front rim. Andy Kennedy cringes on the bench and some of the Ole Miss students in the crowd begin grumbling that Henderson should let someone else shoot.

Time: 28.6 seconds left in regulation
Score: Oregon 86, Ole Miss 80
What happened: Apparently undaunted by four straight misses and a six-point deficit, Henderson curls around a screen, tries a catch-and-shoot left-wing three from five feet behind the arc ... and buries it. Ole Miss is within three, and maybe Henderson has his groove back?

Time: 17.9 seconds left in regulation
Score: Oregon 88, Ole Miss 83
What happened: Not so fast with that groove talk. In desperation mode, Henderson takes a dribble hand off and fires a contested left-wing three that caroms off the front rim. But Oregon fails to corral the rebound, which means more shots for Marshall.

Time: 13.3 seconds left in regulation
Score: Oregon 88, Ole Miss 83
What happened: Yes, it's Marshall time once again. Henderson runs off a screen, catches the inbound pass in the corner and shot fakes to let an Oregon defender fly by him. He tries to draw contact and shoots an awkward-looking corner three that somehow goes in. Kennedy's grimace turns to a grin and the same Ole Miss students who were grumbling moments earlier are now emulating Henderson's trademark land shark move.

Time: 2.7 seconds left in regulation
Score: Oregon 89, Ole Miss 86
What happened: Ole Miss down three. Final possession. There's not a single person in the gym who doesn't think Henderson will be taking the potential game-tying three, but they're wrong. With Henderson playing the role of decoy, guard Jarvis Summers buries a contested right-wing three to tie the game at 89. Oregon compounds its woes by throwing the ball out of bounds on the ensuing inbound pass. To his credit, a fist-pumping Henderson is more excited about Summers' shot than any he had hit himself.

Time: 0.6 seconds left in regulation
Score: Oregon 89, Ole Miss 89
What happened: You didn't seriously think Henderson would go back-to-back possessions without shooting, did you? With Ole Miss needing a miracle last-second shot to win in regulation and avoid overtime Henderson almost delivers it. His catch-and-shoot fallaway left-wing 3-pointer looks on line when it leaves his hands but hits the back iron. Despite a pair of Henderson threes in overtime, Ole Miss loses 115-105.

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