Ole Miss adds Bryce Drew to roster and suffers a devastating loss to Mississippi State

It was tough to decide which was less believable Saturday afternoon. Ole Miss losing to Mississippi State 73-67 or the Rebels doing so with a player in uniform named Bryce Drew.

We'll have to go with the Drew angle considering no team in the SEC has proven to be immune from surprising losses this season. Plus, this is just too bizarre a coincidence, like a kid named Tyus Edney donning a uniform for Missouri. Think that would ever happen? Well, we're suddenly not ready to rule anything out.

Here is the refresher. Bryce Drew played for Valparaiso University in 1998 when it met Ole Miss in the NCAA tournament. It was a No. 4 seed vs. a No. 13. With 2.5 seconds remaining and down by two, Valpo inbounded the ball and Drew drilled a 3-pointer for the win and one of the most memorable NCAA tournament moments in history.

Today Ole Miss was short bodies with several players injured and coach Andy Kennedy opted to allow a team manager named Bryce Drew to suit up. He didn't get into the game, but anyone who believes in the whole karma thing has to think Kennedy is crazy for even having a guy named Bryce Drew around the program. Nothing against either Bryce Drew, but come on. Really?

Next thing you know Syracuse will recruit a Keith Smart.

Now back to the ramifications of Saturday's loss to the woeful Bulldogs in which Marshall Henderson made only four of 19 shots, including three of 18 from behind the arc and finished with 16 points. Ole Miss is going to need a deep run in the SEC tournament at a minimum and maybe even the tournament title on top of winning its final two regular season games if it's going to earn a spot in the NCAA tournament later this month.

It has been an ugly fall from a promising 17-2 start. The Rebels have dropped six of their past 10 games. Three of those losses have come against the top teams in the league, but Ole Miss also has lost to South Carolina and Texas A&M. Throw in losses to Middle Tennessee State and Indiana State earlier in the season and Ole Miss (21-8, 10-6) definitely has some ugly blemishes to overcome.

Maybe one too many now

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