Ohio State's Jared Sullinger says Wisconsin fans spit on him

If freshman Jared Sullinger erupts for a huge game in Ohio State's rematch against Wisconsin in a few weeks, a few Badgers fans will have nobody to blame for providing extra motivation but themselves.

Sullinger tweeted after top-ranked Ohio State's 71-67 loss to Wisconsin that some court-storming Badgers fans gave him the Bill Romanowski treatment.

There's no video proof the incident happened the way Sullinger said it did, but he also doesn't have much reason to lie either. And if any fans did indeed spit on Sullinger, credit the freshman for showing restraint in a scenario in which many others would have been tempted to retaliate.

Of course, Sullinger has already shown he's immune to taunts and vitriol from opposing Big Ten fans. Instead of letting Minnesota students get under his skin last Sunday, Sullinger actually approached one fan holding a cardboard poster mocking the Ohio State freshman and asked if he could take it back to Columbus with him to give to his mother.

As for the game itself, Sullinger had nothing but good things to say about the team that handed Ohio State its first loss of the season.

"Bo Ryan said some good things today," Sullinger tweeted. "One hell of a coach. Much respect to him and his team."

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