ODU band member gets Tweety Carter haircut as promised

You may remember the pre-game wager I wrote about last weekend between Baylor guard Tweety Carter and a member of the Old Dominion band?

Well, baritone player Chris Hayes e-mailed me photographic proof on Tuesday night that he has lived up to the terms.

Because Hayes lost his bet that Old Dominion would beat Baylor to advance to the Sweet 16, he had to cut his hair to emulate Carter's trademark flat top. The result, while different than what Hayes is used to, isn't as bad as he expected.

"I think I'll be singing the Fresh Prince theme song a lot for the next few weeks," Hayes wrote via e-mail. "People like it so far, I've had my share of awkward looks though. The sides of my head are cold, I'm ready for spring."

Carter suggested the bet after he heard Hayes razzing him about his haircut during pre-game warm-ups about an hour before tipoff on Saturday. Had the Monarchs sprung the upset, Carter had agreed to shave his head.

"I was just having fun with him," Carter said after the game. "He was having a, uh, conversation with me, so I was just messing with him."

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