What are the odds of someone picking a perfect NCAA tournament bracket?

If one of your friends claims to have picked a perfect bracket this year, it's same to assume he or she probably lying.

DePaul mathematics professor Jeff Bergen calculated the odds of selecting all 63 games on a bracket correctly. Based on his math, the phrase "long shot" is a major understatement.

• Odds of someone randomly predicting a perfect bracket: 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808

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• Odds of someone predicting a perfect bracket if he or she knew basketball: 1-in-128 Billion

• Odds of anyone in the U.S. predicting a perfect bracket if everyone knew basketball and everyone filled out a bracket: 1 in 400

So, yeah, if you miss a game or two in the first round this week, don't feel bad.

What I'm curious about is if Bergen has a way of calculating when DePaul will next make the NCAA tournament. The Blue Demons' last bid was nine years ago, and the way things are going, we may see a perfect bracket before we see Oliver Purnell's team make its return to the field of 68.

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