Obama takes British prime minister to NCAA tournament game

President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron were in attendance for the opening game of the 2012 NCAA tournament in Dayton on Tuesday night.

Obama and Cameron flew to Ohio after an afternoon reception at the White House Rose Garden. They had front-row seats in the middle of the aisle for the First Four game between Mississippi Valley State and Western Kentucky.

During halftime of the game, the leaders stood for a four-minute live interview with television analyst Clark Kellogg.

The president was refreshingly candid about the quality of play. "Both teams are shooting terribly," he said of the two teams, who combined to shoot 24 percent in the first half. "It may be nerves. These are not teams that normally end up coming to the tournament."

It was Cameron's first time at a basketball game. "[Obama] was giving me some tips," he said. "He's going to help me fill out my bracket."

The game turned into a late thrilled, but a play-in matchup between two No. 16 seeds is how Obama chooses to welcome Cameron to America? Was the Redbox out of "Jack and Jill" DVDs? No MLS games on the schedule tonight? A better question may be: In what way did Great Britain ever insult the president?

So far during his term, Obama has given Queen Elizabeth an Ipod and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown a DVD box set of American films. At this rate, Prince William and Kate should be on the lookout for an Olive Garden giftcard for their upcoming anniversary.

Obama and Cameron will return to Washington ahead of Wednesday night's state dinner. In the meantime, Cameron is going to return the favor of learning basketball.

"He's going to teach me cricket," Obama joked during the interview.

Eh, even trade then.

Video courtesy of TruTV

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