Not even a line drive to the chest can silence Dick Vitale

You know what's definitely not awesome with a capital A? Getting struck square in the chest with a line drive.

That's what happened to poor Dick Vitale at the Tampa Bay Rays game on Thursday night when Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Fred Lewis lined the second pitch of the game into the seats alongside the third-base dugout at Tropicana Field.

TV cameras did not move quickly enough to actually catch Vitale getting hit, but this video shows him clutching his rib cage and describing to paramedics exactly where the ball struck him. The Rays season-ticket holder later confirmed he was fine during an interview with ESPN's Baseball Tonight:

"I'm fine. I was a little scared at first. I've got a big welt there. But the medical people here were really great and got some ice on it. I'm going to tell you, it's so dangerous. That's the first time in about 11 years that a live drive was coming in. But the players were great. I got a couple balls, one from the Bluejays and one from the Rays dugout saying hey you're our No. 1 fan. You've got to watch the ball."

Vitale indeed was healthy enough to make an impassioned plea for Tom Izzo to remain at Michigan State a few minutes later as poor Rece Davis futilely attempted to cut him off and get him to stay on topic since this was a baseball show.

Yep, nothing silences Vitale. Not even a line drive to the gut.

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