Has North Carolina's Ed Davis signed with an agent?

Is North Carolina's Ed Davis turning pro? Well, for a few minutes Thursday morning it sure looked that way.

Chicago-based PTA Sports Management briefly had Davis listed among its basketball clients on its Web site early Thursday morning, but founder Vincent Porter insists his agency has no written or oral agreement with the sophomore forward.

Instead Porter suggested that someone with knowledge that he was interested in signing Davis hacked into his agency's web site and planted the North Carolina star's name among the list of clients with a link to bio information lifted from Wikipedia.

"We completely think that someone is running a smear campaign on us," Porter said by phone on Thursday. "I've spoken to the family, but we have no written or oral agreement, nothing to say he is going to sign with us. I wouldn't really even consider us to be in the picture being such a small firm."

Davis, a projected lottery pick according to most mock drafts, will miss the remainder of the season with a broken wrist suffered last week against Duke. A North Carolina spokesman said school officials spoke to Davis and his family on Thursday afternoon and came away satisfied that "there is no agreement for representation, either orally or in writing."

Porter said he first contacted the Davis family through "a mutual friend." He admits he's been to several of Davis' games and stayed in contact with the family, but he insists that's the extent of the relationship.

As soon as Porter learned Thursday morning that Davis' name was listed on his agency's site, he said he immediately called his web technician to have it removed. He's been fielding calls from reporters ever since.

"It's been a whirlwind," Porter said. "I knew signing clients would be competitive when I became a sports agent, but I never thought someone would be this creative."

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