North Carolina will wear these custom-made camouflage Jordans this season

Argyle won't be the only pattern North Carolina wears this winter.

The Tar Heels apparently also will don camouflage.

According to's Darren Rovell, North Carolina will wear the above Air Jordan XX8 SE's with garish navy camouflage print this upcoming season. It's unclear whether the Tar Heels will wear the custom Jordans for the whole season or just a couple games, but hopefully it's the latter since the camouflage and argyle isn't an ideal combination.

Ostentatious as the shoes are, at least the Jordan brand isn't messing with North Carolina's iconic jerseys anymore. The last time that happened, the Tar Heels donned ill-conceived silver jerseys without a stitch of Carolina blue in February 2010 in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Jordan brand.

Those were abominations. This is more of a slight misstep.

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