North Carolina walk-ons stick it to teammate John Henson

Whether it's not having hot water in the shower, running out of cream for your coffee or hitting rush-hour traffic on the way to work, there's a long list of scenarios that can ruin an otherwise perfectly good morning.

Put having this happen to you somewhere near the top of that list.

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The unfortunate owner of the SUV you see above is John Henson, North Carolina's starting power forward. Five Tar Heels walk-ons, who refer to themselves as "Blue Steel," apparently pulled a prank on Henson late Wednesday night, covering the exterior of the sophomore's car with 2,400 brightly colored sticky notes and then posting video on Twitter.


"I think the message has been sent," walk-on guard Daniel Bolik deadpans at the end of the video.

Apparently it has because Henson responded Thursday morning via Twitter, promising "revenge will be sweet."

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Of course, this isn't even the worst thing to happen to Henson's car in the past week. On Monday morning, Henson woke up to a boot on his left front tire, probably far more difficult to remove than the sticky notes.

(Thanks, @goodmanonfox)

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