No team in college basketball is having more fun than Monmouth

We'll call it a toss up when it comes to choosing what is more entertaining, watching the Monmouth basketball team on the court or watching its members on the bench celebrate big moments in each game.

Why can't this team be nationally ranked and on national television twice a week?

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The Hawks are off to quite a start with wins over UCLA, Notre Dame and USC but it's the successes within the games that make this team so fun to watch. Members of the team who don't often get into games have choreographed some funny celebrations after their teammates on the court make big shots or dunks and watching all of it unfold makes watching to Hawks as entertaining as anything out there in the college game.

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Why this sort of thing doesn't happen more often in college hoops is a mystery. Maybe the Hawks will be trendsetters and we'll begin to see others around the country adopt this fun approach.

The primary cast members in these short skits are Tyler Robinson, Greg Noack and cousins Daniel and Louie Pillari. The Hawks are 4-2 and considering the caliber of competition they already have beaten, they appear to be a threat to earn an NCAA Tournament spot in March.

Watching their shenanigans in the tournament would only add to the most wonderful time of the year for hoops fans.


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