No more perfect brackets as Dayton ends Brad Binder's magnificent run

A day after emerging as the one person in America with a perfect bracket through two rounds of the NCAA tournament, Brad Binder became a pseudo-celebrity across social media.

He gained thousands of new followers on Twitter, received invites to appear on network television and was asked his advice on "the secrets of life."

And who wouldn't want his advice? Millions filled out brackets and entered challenges – on Yahoo Sports, on ESPN, on CBS Sports – but only Binder's entry in Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick'em went 32-for-32 through the round of 64. (His bracket was not entered in the Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge.)

"It's crazy!" he told Yahoo Sports late Friday night. "Still can't believe it!"

The 15 minutes of fame for the 23-year-old from Buffalo Grove, Ill., continued Saturday as his perfect bracket rolled on.

Florida won. 33 for 33.

Louisville won. 34 for 34.

Michigan won. 35 for 35.

San Diego State? Yeah, it won, too. 36 for 36.

And then … Dayton, an 11 seed, beating Syracuse, the former No. 1 team in the country, 55-53. It seemed like a lock until it wasn't.

Syracuse had a shot to take the lead with under 10 seconds to play, but missed a jumper, then another 3-pointer at the buzzer that hit the back of the rim and out.

And just like that, no perfect brackets remained.

Brad's perfect run is over, but before we say goodbye, stand up and take a bow. You deserve it.

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