NCAA tournament and president split air time

Graham Watson

What's more important: A presidential address or an NCAA tournament game?

Apparently, CBS couldn't decide. So, for a few minutes during the end of the Texas-Oakland first-round NCAA tournament game and the beginning of the presidential address regarding the civil unrest in Libya, CBS decided to show both as a split screen.

Eventually, President Barack Obama earned the entire screen, and the final second of Texas' 85-81 win interrupted the beginning of the George Mason-Villanova game on TNT.

Perhaps the fact that President Obama is a big basketball fan will help lessen what is a questionable gaffe by the network, though PR people and even CBS's higher-ups aren't going to be pleased that the nation's most powerful leader had to share air time with a bunch of college kids.

On the bright side, both Oakland and Texas players can say they were on television with the president.

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