NCAA offers mixed message with gambling warning beneath bracket

Mixed bracket messages.
Mixed bracket messages.

Every so often, we get a perfect look at the way the NCAA ties itself in knots trying to reconcile its stated dreams of honorable amateurism and its true motives of naked capitalistic grab-it-all greed. Right here, via USA Today's Nicole Auerbach, is one such example.

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Look down at the lower right of the huge bracket the NCAA is displaying at its game sites. Right there, in tiny little lawyer-approved wording, is "The NCAA opposes all forms of sports wagering." That means YOU, five-dollar-office-bracket buyer.

Yes, friends, you're supposed to participate in brackets just for the love of the game. You know, the same reason that the players play. And hey, if you happen to get caught running a pool and it ruins your life, or if you get picked up in an illegal NCAA gambling ring, hey, you were warned. Money? Pffft. That just causes problems. Let the NCAA, the networks spending billions, and the coaches earning millions handle all that.

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