NC State walk-on dressed as teammate Richard Howell for Halloween

In addition to boasting one of the most memorable names in college basketball, NC State walk-on guard Staats Battle also had one of the sport's best Halloween costumes.

On the right in the above photo is NC State forward Richard Howell from last March before he'd fully grown out his shaggy black beard. On the left is Battle's impersonation of Howell complete with a replica beard, a No. 1 practice jersey and magic marker tattoos.

Give Battle an A-minus for his costume, but one detail could have bumped his letter grade up to an A-plus. How great would it have been if Battle had a friend dress as a referee and whistle the notoriously foul-prone "Howell" every few minutes at the Halloween party?

Of course, as good as Battle's costume is, it may not have been the best from an NC State athlete Wednesday night.

NC State quarterback Mike Glennon dressed as football coach Tom O'Brien. From the slacks, to the shades, to the headset, it was spot-on.