If the NBA doesn't work out, Derrick Caracter has a backup plan

Whether it's Todd McCullough's professional pinball success, Rony Seikaly's deejaying career or Brad Daugherty's foray into NASCAR broadcasting, basketball players have made some unlikely career choices once their playing days ended.

Still, are any of those more improbable than Derrick Caracter's backup plan if his professional basketball aspirations don't pan out?

Caracter, whose poor attitude, ballooning weight and academic woes led to his dismissal at Louisville two years ago, told HoopsHype.com his Plan B would be enlisting in the Navy. Sure, Caracter definitely demonstrated better discipline during his lone season at UTEP last year, but would he really be able to handle boot camp, early wake-up calls and 10 to 12 hour work days?

"I think it would be a great experience," Caracter said. "You travel, you train, you can be chillin’ in Japan. You get to see different things and differents parts of the world. That’s something I always wanted to do: travel around the world. See different things, new people, cultures and lifestyles."

Hmmm, sounds easy enough. Maybe someone with a Naval background can clarify for us, but "chillin' in Japan" wasn't mentioned in any military pamphlets I recall.

Fortunately for Caracter, there's probably a place for him in professional basketball, though it's likely overseas. He's projected as a mid-to-late second-round pick in next month's draft, but he's hoping to improve his stock by shedding another 20 to 30 pounds to get down to about 265, showing NBA teams he can be consistent in his conditioning and work habits.

And, hey, if it doesn't work out, there's probably an umbrella drink and a deck chair on an aircraft carrier in Yokosuka reserved for him.

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