Nancy Pelosi says she’s ‘March Mad’ and that she doesn’t want anyone to lose

Kevin Kaduk
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Politicians are notorious for playing to as many groups as possible, but House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may have set a new record with her non-committal remarks on Thursday morning.

When asked about which team she was pulling for in the NCAA tournament, the California Democrat —herself an alum of Division III Trinity Washington — said she didn't "want anybody to lose" when the action kicked off.

Too late.

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From The Ticket on Yahoo! News:

"I have a lot of allegiances to many of those schools. I don't even want anybody to lose. I'm just rooting for everybody, especially the players," Pelosi told reporters when asked who she supported in the March Madness tournament. "I want them all to succeed, whatever team they're on. I'm crazy—I'm March Mad. I'm addicted to basketball. All sports, but college basketball, very exciting."

Pelosi's husband and children attended Georgetown so she probably would prefer they come out on top if there really has to be a winner. And mock her if you must, but we also get the feeling her stance will gain a lot of bipartisan support once everyone's brackets get busted later in the weekend.

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