Mountain West will review incident between Alford, Tavernari

A scintillating first-place showdown between New Mexico and BYU won't be remembered for A.J. Hardeman's tie-breaking layup or Darington Hobson's spectacular game-clinching blocked shot.

That's what happens when the head coach of the winning team is caught on tape cussing out a senior on the losing team during post-game handshakes.

The heated post-game exchange between New Mexico coach Steve Alford and BYU senior Jonathan Tavernari has drawn a review from the Mountain West Conference, according to a report in this morning's Deseret News.

"What are you going to do about it?" Tavernari can be heard shouting at Alford several times as players shake hands between them.

Responds Alford, "I'm going to tell you good career and you're going to act like that? You're an a*****"

Much of Tavernari's anger stemmed from an incident at the 58-second mark of the game when he caught an elbow from Hobson and a brief alteraction ensued. The issue apparently spilled over into the post-game handshakes, though it's unclear what Tavernari said to Alford that provoked him.

To his credit, Tavernari later approached Alford in the New Mexico locker room and apologized for his behavior.

"I'm so sorry," Tavernari told him. "I apologize to the whole team."

"You know you're one of my favorites ...," a smiling Alford responded.

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