More homosexual barbs thrown Kentucky's way

Lame, unfunny T-shirts are all the rage these days in college sports. The formula is simple: find a meme or slogan at a given school, turn it on its head with an unfunny pun that panders to detractors of said school and hope to profit.

The shirt you're looking at comes from Cafe Press, which recently pulled clothing off its site that read "Frank Martin mows my lawn." Let's see how long this one lasts.

Is it any worse to slam homosexuality than race? Cafe Press: remove the shirts immediately.

I love the disclaimer on the site that reads: "These shirts are not meant to be offensive or derogatory. They are only meant to be humorous."

Riiiight. They're as humorous as Tiger was loose and free at today's press conference. Bottom line is, the return to glory for Kentucky has also triggered a return to mass-level hate for the school. Success triggers such passion and reaction.

So does John Calipari.

But now we have a pattern: Kentucky is now coming under attack by way of the homosexual barbs.

Earlier this week, DeMarcus Cousins was on the receiving end of some racist-laden phone calls and text messages.

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