Mississippi State forward caught in Real World love triangle

At the risk of losing the interest of readers who aren't either in junior high or nostalgic for all things late-'90s, this next post is all about Wednesday night's episode of MTV's The Real World.

No, not because I'm a closet fan of trashy reality TV. Rather because the episode featured a memorable cameo from a college basketball player.

Mississippi State forward Kodi Augustus becomes part of a steamy love triangle with current Real World cast members Jemmye and Knight. To find out what happens, you can watch the whole episode here, or read on for my cliff notes version.

Kodi and fellow Mississippi State student Jemmye were in an open relationship when she left for The Real World. An open relationship between a Division I basketball player and a reality TV star? Sounds like the recipe for lifelong love, doesn't it?

Naturally it takes Jemmye a whopping three episodes to find a new guy. Enter Ryan Knight, a 23-year-old Wisconsin native who goes by his last name for some reason and recently overcame an addiction to pain killers. Quite a catch, Jemmye!

Confused over who she wants to be with, Jemmye drives to Baton Rouge for last February's Mississippi State-LSU game so she can spend some quality time with Kodi after he leaves the locker room and before he boards the team bus. (Random note: Mississippi State's Dee Bost is very excited he got four seconds on camera)

Kodi emerges from the locker room after a 60-59 Mississippi State victory, spots Jemmye waiting for him and then says the five words every girl wants to hear when she's reunited with a lost love: "How'd you get back here?" He follows that up with another gem: "What you got on your head?" That Kodi Augustus is a hopeless romantic.

Jemmye waits off to the side as Kodi visits with his family before she finally gets a few minutes with him alone (Well, except for the TV cameras, his teammates on the bus and the eyes of his family beating down on him). Their final goodbye? She pulls him in for a half-hearted one-armed hug with his headphones still in his ears. "Mad awkward," says Jemmye's roommate. Yup, I'd tend to agree.

And there you have it everyone. That's a full synopsis of Kodi Augustus' 15 minutes of Real World fame. Tune in next week when we break down Kyle Singler's appearance on The Jersey Shore. I'm kidding, hopefully.

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