Miss. State in limbo after OT heartbreaker against UK

The Bulldogs were fractions of a second away from not having to deal with being in the bubble conversation any longer.

There may not be another team that loses sleep over lack of a bid (if it happens) more than Mississippi State tonight.

John Wall's glorified assist to DeMarcus Cousins, which was delivered in the form of an airball, gave Kentucky a game-tying basket that sent the game into overtime. Wall admitted post-game that he thought the shot gave Kentucky the win, which is why he and the rest of his teammates reacted as if they won the national title. (Video below.)

But Cousins' bunny shot sent the game into overtime and from there, UK's talent and Mississippi State's fatigued played the biggest factors in getting Kentucky its 26th SEC tournament title with a 75-74 win.

What's really going to bother MSU fans if the team doesn't get an at-large bid is the fact that Eric Bledsoe and John Wall both seemingly committed lane violations after the intentional missed free throw allowed Kentucky to have a chance to tie the game. Take a peek below. The rule is that no player on the foul line or outside of the boxes can step into the lane until the ball hits the rim.

Does Eric Bledsoe and/or John Wall commit a violation?

Credit must be delivered to Bledsoe, though, because he shot his free throw in a way everyone almost always neglects to: by shooting high and ensuring a long carom, which gives his team the best chance at an offensive rebound.

We don't need to rattle off MSU's stats. You've seen them here, on your television and probably in your sleep. Many believe they were one good loss short of deserving an at-large bid.

Two times in less than a month the Bulldogs took Kentucky to overtime and both times they couldn't get a win.

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