Minnesota’s Rodney Williams pulls off an in-game fast-break 360 dunk

The Dagger will chronicle the college basketball season's best dunks again this year. If you spot one we missed, let us know here or here.

Here's a sure sign Minnesota's Rodney Williams is one of college basketball's premier dunkers: He pulled off a 360 dunk in transition Tuesday night against North Dakota State, and all anyone asked him about after the game was why he went back to a move he'd done before rather than getting creative. "I got nervous," Williams told the Minnesota Star Tribune. "I had to do what I knew would go in, so I did a 360. You see I almost broke my back afterward, so maybe next time I should just lay it up or something." Tubby Smith would probably prefer that, but the rest of us certainly wouldn't. Stale or not, anytime Williams wants to go to the 360, I'm fine with that.

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