How Mike Krzyzewski’s 2011 income compares to the highest-paid coaches in other sports

In addition to becoming the winningest Division I basketball coach in history in 2011, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski had bragging rights over his peers in at least one other respect.

He was very, very well paid.

Krzyzewski made nearly $9.7 million in total compensation during the 2011 calendar year, USA Today reported Wednesday after reviewing the Duke coach's federal tax return recently filed by the school. That is the highest single-year salary for a college basketball or football coach since the newspaper began tracking compensation in 2006, topping the $8.9 million Louisville coach Rick Pitino received in 2010-11.

Krzyzewski’s base salary in 2011 was $1,978,401, but the rest of his total income came from several sources. He earned $5,642,574 in bonus and incentive compensation and $1,982,097 in retirement and other deferred compensation. There was also $59,616 for "other reportable compensation" such as charter travel for family and friends and $19,344 from non-taxable benefits.

USA Today reported Krzyzewski earned more than $7.2 million in the 2010 calendar year and nearly $4.7 million in 2009. Assessing why Krzyzewski's annual compensation more than doubled in two years is tough because private schools typically decline to make their contracts available to reporters.

It's also difficult to compare salaries across sports due to differences in accounting methods. Nonetheless, here's a look at how Krzyzewski's total compensation in 2011 compares to the highest paid coaches in major sports today.

Highest paid soccer coach: José Mourinho (Real Madrid)
Salary: $19.7 million per year
Source: Sports Business Daily

Highest paid NFL coach: Sean Payton (New Orleans Saints)
Salary: $8 million per year

Highest paid NBA coach: Doc Rivers (Boston Celtics)
Salary: $7 million per year
Source: Yahoo! Sports

Highest paid college football coach: Nick Saban (Alabama)
Salary: $5.3 million per year
Source: Forbes

Highest paid MLB coach: Mike Scioscia (Los Angeles Angels)
Salary: $5 million per year

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