Michigan State unveils new jerseys to a tepid reception

You may remember that Michigan State caved to public pressure from students, fans and alumni a few months ago and scrapped plans to alter its Spartan head logo?

Well, based on the initial tepid reception, the school may have to do the same thing with the new jerseys it unveiled Friday afternoon.

Hoping to establish consistency among team uniforms as far as colors, logos and lettering, Michigan State partnered with Nike to create new jerseys for all 25 of its teams. The biggest alterations to the basketball jerseys are a slightly darker green color scheme and "Spartans" emblazoned on the front where "State" used to be.

"We have been an athletics program of different greens, logos, word-marks and uniform quality," athletic director Mark Hollis said. "There has been a lack of consistency with regard to our brand. This inconsistency was a result both of using multiple suppliers for our apparel and of uniform decisions being made without a department-wide focus."

Maybe it's because fans are simply resistant to change, but 73 percent of Spartan supporters on the Michigan State-themed site theonlycolors.com voted that they disapprove of the changes. "Here's hoping it's like New Coke ...," wrote one fan. "The final touch for Project Stick Your Finger in Your Fanbaseā€™s Eye," wrote another.

Of course, the funniest part of the whole announcement is the expression on Kalin Lucas' and Durrell Summers' faces in the above photo. It's possible they're just trying to look tough, but they don't exactly look ecstatic to be modeling those new jerseys, do they?

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