If Michigan State job opens, Tom Crean says he's not interested

Tom Izzo says he still hasn't decided whether or not he'll accept Cleveland's job offer, but we now know one would-be candidate at Michigan State who won't be replacing him if he does.

Indiana coach Tom Crean, a former assistant under Izzo from 1995 to 1999, posted a video blog on YouTube on Friday addressing speculation that he might have interest in the Michigan State job.

"I'm at Indiana. It doesn't make any difference what job opens in the country," Crean said. "When you take a job like Indiana, you take it because it's one of the great jobs in sports. You can take it out of the equation of just being a great college basketball jobs. This is one of those destination places that most people never even dream of getting, and I was one of those people."

Crean would have been an obvious choice for Michigan State to consider even though his first two seasons rebuilding Indiana have been rocky. The former Marquette coach has recruited the Midwest throughout his career and has forged a strong friendship with Izzo.

The two are so close that Crean spoke to Izzo before he boarded a plane to Cleveland on Thursday for an interview with the Cavs, but the Indiana coach didn't reveal much about Izzo's mindset.

"As usual, those conversations are always private between the two of us and our families and I never share them," Crean said. "I hope that doesn't offend anyone that I haven't been able to talk about him, but I never choose to do that. I think he'll do what he thinks is best for him, best for his family, best for his growth as a coach. And I'm sure he'll make the right decision."

(Thanks, College Basketball Nation)

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