Michigan guard Nik Stauskas sinks 46 straight threes in the rain

During a quiet moment on the eve of the national title game a few weeks ago, Michigan freshman Nik Stauskas admitted he's surprised by the reaction YouTube videos of him shooting in his backyard have gotten.

One showed him burying 45 out of 50 3-pointers over Thanksgiving break. In another, he sank 102 threes in five minutes as a high school senior.

"Honestly, it was just me and my dad being bored at home and having nothing to do," Stauskas said. "When I started making those videos, I was pretty much unknown, so I figured I'd put some stuff up on YouTube. Ever since I've gotten to Michigan, they've kind of blown up a bit."

Expect Stauskas' latest video to get some attention as well simply because it might be the most impressive of all of them.

Using two friends to help him rebound on Wednesday afternoon, the sweet-shooting swingman shot for five minutes in the wind and rain in the backyard of his family's home in Mississauga, Ontario. He sank 46 straight threes to start the drill and 70 of 76 overall for an impressive 92 percent clip.

In the 14 hours since Stauskas originally posted the video last night, it now has more than 16,000 views on YouTube. It even drew some attention from a guy who may be the best shooter in the world today.

Stauskas, one of three freshman starters for the Wolverines this past season, averaged 11 points per game and shot 44 percent from behind the arc. He credits all the shooting in his backyard he did with his dad as a kid as a huge reason for his success.

"It's pretty much all about that," Stauskas said. "I'm not really gifted athletically. I'm only 6-6. I don't have the best genes, I guess. But I've put in a lot of hard work over my life, and it's paid off."

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