Michael Ojo invites coach’s show into his kitchen for tribal food

He's no Gordon Ramsey or Bobby Flay, but Florida State center Michael Ojo knows his way around a kitchen.

The 7-foot-1 sophomore center from Lagos, Nigeria, recently filmed a segment for coach Leonard Hamilton's show in which he cooked up a traditional tribal dish called Eba with Egusi Soup in the kitchen of the place he shares with teammate Devon Bookert.

Ojo said Bookert has been his roommate for two years and has never tried his tribal food but other teammates have. The dish he prepared for the coach's show included ground melon seeds, African seasoning, goat meat (which Ojo calls beef), spinach and likely some other ingredients.

If you're looking for a recipe, you came to the wrong place. Ojo prepares the meal sans measuring cups and spoons opting for a 'by feel' approach.

Ojo shares a few interesting nuggets of cultural inside info in the video. In his homeland, generally people step out of the kitchen to carry on a conversation and cook in silence. They also bring plates to the meal in accordance with their size. Ojo would obviously need a monster-truck-tire sized plate for his share of Eba and Egusi Soup, which looks pretty good in the end.

Ojo and his teammates would be on the outside looking in at the NCAA tournament if the field was selected today. Fortunately for the Seminoles, they still have a road game Tuesday at Boston College and a home game Sunday against No. 7 Syracuse as well as the ACC tournament to do some repair work to their resume.

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