Memphis pulls off the season’s most incredible fast break

Most alley-oops become highlight-worthy because of the eye-popping athleticism of the dunk itself.

In the case of this incredible Memphis alley-oop from Saturday night, however, it was everything that preceded the dunk that made it special.

The Harlem Globetrotters-esque fast break begins with Geron Johnson stripping the ball from a Southeast Missouri State player and Michael Dixon picking it up and throwing a no-look pass down court over his head. Johnson races down court, corrals the loose ball and zips a behind-the-back pass to Chris Crawford, who instantly lobs the ball from the corner to Shaq Goodwin for a two-handed alley-oop slam.

What's most remarkable about the play is how quickly everything happens. It would be tough for many teams to execute this play so smoothly if they choreographed it ahead of time and did it in an empty gym, but Memphis pulls it off with five guys from Southeast Missouri State actually trying to stop it.

Memphis won the game 77-65 to improve to 8-2 this season. No matter what the Tigers do the rest of the season, it's going to be tough for them to top that sequence.

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