Maryland's Greivis Vasquez, a Duke fan? Believe it

If the sight of Greivis Vasquez decked out in enemy colors doesn't turn Maryland fans' stomachs, the secret one of his close friends let slip just might.

In an interview with Raleigh's 620 The Buzz, future Duke player Joshua Hairston revealed his friend Vasquez has always been a closet Blue Devils supporter even though he was the face of perhaps their fiercest rival the past four seasons.

"He talks about Duke all the time, how much he loves Coach K, the staff and the program itself," Hairston said. "When I first met Greivis the first thing he kept talking about was how much he loved Duke and how much he loved Coach K. I thought he was being sarcastic at first but he's very serious about it.

"When they (Maryland) were knocked out of the NCAA Tournament we were running a camp together at Montrose (Hairston's high school for his senior season). A kid asked him who he wanted to win the tournament and he said 'Duke all the way'. He's always been a big Duke fan and he hopes we can pull it off. He is a true Duke fan even though he plays for Maryland."

Wow. Just wow. It's certainly easy to understand how Vasquez could respect the Blue Devils after competing against them for four years, but flat out cheering for them on their way to a national title? That's just bizarre.

On the other hand, Vasquez's individuality was always the quality that endeared him to college basketball fans. If there was a superstar college player who'd grow to love the rival school that booed him mercilessly, who else could it be other than Greivis Vasquez?

(Thanks, The Sporting Blog)

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