Maryland fans storm the court, then take to the streets

Here's an addendum to the 44,192 "Rules of Rushing the Court" blog posts and columns that have been published the past decade or so: If you're going to storm the floor, please refrain from rioting in the streets afterward.

Yes, Maryland students and alumni, I'm talking to you. Heck of a win against Duke on Wednesday night, but would it have been too much to ask to refrain from ripping down street signs, taunting the police and attempting to tip over a city bus?

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About 1,500 alcohol-addled fans spilled out of local bars and onto U.S. Route 1 near Maryland's College Park campus late Wednesday night after the Terps 79-72 victory over the rival Blue Devils.

Whether the gathering actually turned confrontational or police overreacted as a result of Maryland's, uh, uproarious past is subject to debate, but 27 arrests were made before the crowd finally dispersed. Maryland's student newspaper, The Diamondback, has more:

At 11:10 p.m., rancorous, cheering students bellowing, "F--- Duke," from downtown bars poured outside in a demonstration that built slowly from streetside shouting to the point where horse-mounted police in full riot gear could not clear Route 1 in a single sweep through the street.

Just before midnight, mounted horses descended on the thousands of students who mobbed Route 1, yelling, dancing and throwing possessions ranging from shoes to beer cans. The students at first taunted the police's encroach, cheering, "Defense! Defense!" and "Let's go Maryland," as police sprayed pepper gas and a helicopter flew over head.

The good news is nobody was hurt and the damage doesn't seem that extensive – well, aside from a Duke t-shirt that got lit on fire. At least one Blue Devil wasn't all that amused with the situation, though.

Wrote guard Nolan Smith on twitter, "Maryland fans congrats.. Leave my family alone walking to their car! Please and thanks! You don't know who you messing with!"

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