Marquette basketball's reality show is off to a tepid start

As HBO's "Hard Knocks" winds down with NFL training camp is nearing its conclusion, Marquette is hoping you'll get your reality TV sports fix from its new behind-the-scenes show.

Marquette Basketball: Revealed, an all-access look at the Golden Eagles' program, made its debut this week on the school's official athletic site. The premiere webisode focuses on the team's first meeting of the season during which charismatic coach Buzz Williams imparts some life lessons to his players about displaying strong character and having each-other's backs.

Whereas a show like "Hard Knocks" has a built-in story arc following players' bids to make the New York Jets' roster, the problem with Marquette's show is that there isn't a similar plot line to keep general viewers interested. The show is only slated to run through the team's rivalry game against Wisconsin on Dec. 11, so viewers won't even be able to follow the Golden Eagles' progress throughout the season.

On the other hand, if Marquette is simply hoping this series will attract diehard fans and serve as a recruiting tool, then there's a great chance the school will find success.

A glimpse of players and coaches in an environment in which we wouldn't normally see them will be interesting for Marquette fans hoping to better get to know team personnel entering the season. Potential recruits also will surely enjoy familiarizing themselves with the inner workings of the program, even if the scenes they're allowed to watch are surely heavily edited and hand-picked by members of the school's athletic department.

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