Mark Titus' April Fool's Day joke on Ohio State fans

My 6-year-old cousin who's in town for a visit over Spring Break woke up this morning delighted that it was April Fool's Day.

He concocted all sorts of wacky fibs about untied shoe laces, wild animals loose in the kitchen and the chocolate ice cream he was going to eat for breakfast, punctuating each by screaming "April Fools" and laughing hysterically for 30 seconds.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, because it appears Ohio State's Mark Titus has an equally mature sense of humor.

Here's what Titus tweeted this morning about teammate Evan Turner, whom he has nicknamed the villain:

Impressed w/ OSU recruits in McD's game last night. With The Villain coming back, they should be preseason #1. I really might redshirt now.

Let me clarify. The Villain hasn't officially decided, but he's hinted to me by saying things like "We're gonna be loaded next year."

He's also hinted by saying "I'm going to stay for my senior year" and "I'm not going to NBA this year". Sorry I drew conclusions from this.

There may be a few sadly gullible, overly optimistic Ohio State fans holding out hope that this is true, but the rest of us know it's not happening. If Turner passes up NBA riches and comes back to school next year, then there really is a tiger loose in my kitchen.